Hastings Hypnotherapy Can Help You!

Do you ever feel you’d like to be the best you can be but something is holding you back?

It could be anything.

Stress? Anxiety? Low Self Esteem? Sense of failure …. in your job? As a parent? In life?

A habit or even an addiction? Smoking? Drugs? Overweight?

A life threatening health issue that is affecting you physically, mentally and emotionally?

Or perhaps you’re on a spiritual journey and you want to access information from your Soul? Yes, access information from your soul.

I think I’ve about seen it all – and so far, I have not experienced anything that cannot be achieved with desire, motivation and commitment.

"The purpose of life is to give birth to the best which is within us." ee Cummings

About Hastings Hypnotherapy

Susie Hastings, Hypnotherapist

Many people I know are going through some kind of change and transition. Through Hypnotherapy, you can experience these challenging times with grace, happiness and a new lease on life. It’s not a matter of believing this can be accomplished with Hypnotherapy – for me, it’s a matter of knowing it, as I’ve experienced it both with myself and through helping others.

I continue to be very excited to offer Hypnotherapy. With my background as a therapist and coach, combined with my ever-present interest in personal/professional/spiritual growth, it was a natural next step for me and a significant way to make a difference.

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